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Company Logo & Its Meaning and Significance

The globe in our logo is to convey that we are focused not on the limited territory, we are determined to be present around the globe per our “Vision Statement” we want to be the most preferred organization of repute in the field of heat transfer design engineering and consulting solutions provider by organizations and businesses around the globe. Seven Rings around “C” represents “ seven continents of the world namely Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America & South America, In logo the view of the globe is facing India, signifying the country of origin of the business.

We are comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing, supply and Consultancy Company in field of Heat Transfer. In logo the “C” shaped clamp depicts the heat transfer system per say tube through which the process fluid flows where as the rings surround it are fins which helps to increase the surface area for heat transfer and makes equipment efficient. The colour gradient from a hot red to a cool blue signifies flow through system while heat transfer is achieved. We are committed to offer product which will assist the globe to maintain its perfect state. That is why the globe is coloured in a bright hue of green and blue, which are colours of the earth in its perfect state.

Name Company Name “Carpe” is written at the bottom of globe which signifies the base & is integral part of logo. Caption “Engineering Excellence” depict our zeal to achieve excellence in each of our offering. We are committed to Excel in terms of Design, Environment friendly operation of the system and ultimately delighted stake holders.


'Carpe' is Laint word which translates literally as 'pluck', with particular reference to the picking of fruit, so a more accurate rendition will be like 'enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe'. The extended version of word is the phrase “carpe diem” which is one of the most searched phrases on Google, which translates as 'pluck the day, trusting as little as possible in the future. In same way & in true sense we would like to put all the efforts at the present moment and make best of it for the benefit of our clients, us and all the stake holders. It is also the first five letters of surname of our founder this company Mr. Manish Carpenter.
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Research & Development

CARPE has employed Highly Qualified Engineering & Technology wirk force under Scientific assistance of IIT-Delhi for Developing, Improving & Optimizing the Heat Exchangers through continues Technology Innovation. CARPE is using CFD & FEA is as powerful analytical tool allowing solution to be develop for following industries problem.

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