Automatic & Semi Automatic Fin Cleaning System

Carpe provides cleaning systems and services for the outside and inside cleaning of all kinds of air-cooled steam condensers ACC’s and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. ACC’s and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are installed in all kind of industrial application in industry like power plants, chemical industry, refineries, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, Off Shore & Onshore gas station industry, food and beverage industry and Textile Industry.

Industrial Cleaning requirement

Air-cooled heat exchangers and air cooled steam condensers are constantly at risk from external fouling of the fin tubes by foreign dust particles. Types and properties of dust particles vary from industry to industry and environmental conditions as well. Fouling effects the performance in two ways one it reduces the airflow in turn increased pressure drop and second reduces the heat transfer coefficient, causing deterioration in performance and resulting in reduced efficiency of air cooled heat exchangers and increasing in operating costs. A small amount of external fouling will have a significantly negative effect on performance of Air cooled Heat Exchanger & Air Cooled Condenser.

Specifically for Air Cooled Steam condenser installed in industry like, sugar, cement, sponge Iron, rice husk etc. where there is very high tendency for deposition of the cement / bagasse / husk / coal duct on the external surface of the finned tube, which directly affects the performance of the equipment i.e. reducing efficiency. Proper cleaning of in Air Cooled Steam Condenser is very important to have uninterested power generation.

Carpe offer specially designed and manufactured Fin Cleaning Systems for Air cooled condensers, which cleans finned tubes from outside i.e. from the top as well as from inside of the A Frame i.e. cleaning from fan side tubes of the tube bundles. As it is seen in maximum cased the cleaning from the top most of the times does not effectively clean the lowest tube which interacts with the cooled air first for condensation of the steam (Inside ‘A’ Frame Side).

• External Fin Cleaning System for Air Cooled Steam Condenser (From Top with ladder)
• Internal Fin Cleaning System for Air Cooled Steam Condenser (From Inside of ‘A’ Frame)

Cleaning offers customised concept to commissioning fin cleaning system which cleans by high pressure water jet cleaning, pressured by the Fin Cleaning Pump. Carpe Offers complete fin cleaning system including installation testing and commissioning to the complete satisfaction of the end user with enhanced performance.

Advantages of Carpe Fin Cleaning System

– Customised Fin cleaning system as per the cleaning requirement of Ai Cooled Condenser & Heat Exchanger
– Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic Fin Cleaning System.
– Required pressure for cleaning of all types of finned tubes surfaces.
– Nozzle beams optimally fitted on the bundle geometry, providing the perfect cleaning between the fins and the finned tubes.
– Perfect cleaning due to the constant jet angle and constant speed at all times.
– Specially developed and tested for all kind of fin tube material like galvanised fins, aluminium fins, copper fins, etc.
– No bending off of fin due to high jet pressure being cleaning system designed for suitable fins and type of cleaning requirement.
– Cleaning in operation without any trouble.


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